About Us

A Perfect Place For Vacation

“Holiday is a dream and we know it”
We, the team BONVOYAGELANKA travel crew is privileged to show you and to take you around the most beautiful island in the world. It obvious that Sri Lanka is well known for its amazing diversity of cultures, the natural beauty of the landscape and a glorious history dating back over 2500 years. So, let us take you to discover the ancient wonders depicts in historical monuments, religious sites as well as fortresses. Let us take you there where you can determine between variety of activities from lazing on the beach to diving between corals and observing blue whales and dolphins. Prospect the antient kingdoms, feed orphan baby elephants and ride on elephants and to sip the world finest tea etc.

About Our Service

Numerous firms and agencies have merged to cater the need of transportation, but we definitely would try to make our customer delight by offering and outstanding service by being a team who always go extra mile to exceed the expectation of our guest. In our effort of making something unique, we thought of providing a professional chauffeurs who will go over the boundaries. He will be a friendly local advisor who will create a hustle free environment and as well as understanding the needs and wants of the guest as a sensitive and empathetic guardian. So, for sure our guest won’t be a stranger any more under the wings of care and protection. We will certainly assure that we will take you to your destination safely and smoothly. At last but not least, our soul expectation and keen desire is to render an optimal service in transportation which make our guest, undoubtedly WOW!